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WMB Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation. Our mission is to provide children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and/or AUTISM the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and expose them to the vision of higher education without rejection due to their diagnosis or lack of financial resources. Although we focus and help all children in our community, we try to find children dealing with both a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, and/or AUTISM, as well as financial strain. We do this by creating our uniquely branded programs and services umbrella that help promote development and positive changes within these children. The brand of programs and services; WMB NOW, is child centered, created with a family first initiative and is aimed at enriching the lives of the family unit as a whole. We have a targeted focus on raising the funds necessary to win our fight against child poverty,  and the inclusion of all children, regardless of diagnosis or differences, to achieve academically with a focus on higher education. 


Contact us and learn the many ways you can support WMB Foundation, Inc. with donations or attending one of our events. 


How much would you like your generous gift to be?


iPads for the children to complete their online homework, Iready, Myon, Edgenuity, and Reflex Math, all of which are a part of their school curriculum. 

High resolution camera capable of doing both photos and video for pictures, videos, and technology lessons. 

Please consider the iPad accessories below that make it easier for the children to complete their homework; specifically our kids that are interested in mechanical engineering, architecture, and graphic design.

Apple Pencil

Keyboard attachment for iPad

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