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The WMB NOW programs and services are offered and were started with the thought that confident, prepared children should be the norm and the lack of financial resources and/or a diagnosis or difference should not be a barrier. The end goal of the WMB NOW programs and services are to provide an equal playing field for all children, regardless of a diagnosis or an economically disadvantaged situation, and instill the WILL to win, MOTIVATION to see all of life's projects through, and the BELIEF in ones self.  



The WMB NOW after-school care program provides children ages

3-15 to enjoy a wide range of activities, organized games, daily homework monitoring and help, and supervised computer use.



When a child has the burning desire to learn & achieve without the resources to do so; this is where we step in. Tutoring, purchasing laptops for education, travel assistance for competition, these are just the beginning of it all.


The silent problem in our country is a lack of confidence and low self esteem. We solve this through the benefits of martial arts. The goal is to combat the long lasting effect a low self image causes on the development of a child.




While working with the children in our programs, we noticed that many problems arising in the family structure would overlap into other areas in the child's life; both in school and in everyday interactions with their friends. WMB Foundation is committed to helping families work through conflicts by encouraging open and honest communication between the parents and children. Sessions are led by a specialist and are meant to enhance the family dynamic.



During our family initiative projects, we saw a need for firearm safety and education courses to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the attitude of the families we serve who are also firearm owners. The goal of the program is to research and enhance firearms safety and preserve firearm education through free classes for families and communities under our programs and beyond. Better education and safer practices will help to maintain the trend of decreasing accidents as it pertains the children and their families

Heartfelt team member thoughts ~

The mother who works late and works hard to make ends meet but cannot afford an after school care program, the child born addicted to meth that has bounced around from house to house, the teenager that feels defeated after losing both parents to incarceration by age 13, the juvenile that has homework daily online but has no computer at home to get online, the child with ADD, ADHD, or AUTISM that have heard all their lives that they are different and can't learn; This is why I love this place and love doing what we are doing. We actually change lives, thought processes, and the outcomes to many who thought their destiny was to fail.  WE ARE WILL, WE ARE MOTIVATION, WE ARE BELIEF.

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