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Date: Ongoing through the month of December

Location: South Florida

We work with the communities we serve and local churches to identify families in need of some Christmas cheer. Thanks to one of our donors, codename Mertz, this year we have been able to donate a record number Christmas trees and Christmas meals.

Date: Ongoing

Location: Perrine, FL

Build a Backpack is our flagship program. More than 16 million children live in extreme poverty in the United States and arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn. Our Back to School Basics Program is dedicated to help those children in need by supplying them with the necessary tools to be successful in the classroom beginning on day 1. Our "Build a Back-Pack" Project is designed to give a child a full back-pack with school supplies ready for the first day of school.

Date: September 26th, 2021

Location: Homestead Training Center

Address: 11700 SW 304th St, Homestead, FL 33033

Annual firearms marksmanship and vehicle defense fundraiser. Have you ever shot the windows and windshield out of a car? Would you like to? How does this correlate to self-defense for yourself and your family? Come have some fun with us on the range as we teach you life saving skills while raising funds to help children and families in economic crisis.

Date: TBD

Location: Historic Virginia Key


This RUN / WALK event is open to all ages. This is aimed at helping to eradicate ADD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research now suggests that ADD and ADHD are more prevalent in lower income households. WMB NOW is dedicated to making an impact in this space. From our various projects around South Florida, we are seeing more and more children with confirmed and tested cases. The A3 Initiative was born to help raise awareness and dedicate the necessary resources to help develop an environment for these children to learn and learn effectively.

Date: TBD

Location: 16300 SW 137TH AVE, Unit 128, Miami, FL, 33177

We know what you're thinking; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However that is not the apple we are referring to here. At "an Apple a day" we show kids how one Apple product per day can improve their lives, reduce stress, and get more work done.  We are teaching our children about process improvement, productivity and how technology integrates with their daily lives and activities.

Date: TBD

Location: Schnebly's Winery

Join us for a fun evening of Texas Hold 'em. Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, this event is for you! Every time you play, bet, and win; you help some child in a special way.  This annual fundraiser supports our education initiative and will drive the goal of introducing the community we serve to higher education and life skills. Your poker face can help with a semester of tuition, class books, back to school supplies and even a tutor to get one of our hard working young leaders over the hump.

Date: May 11th, 2021

Location: Online auction

You know the saying "You dress good, you feel good"? Each of these POWERFUL T-shirts have a positive affirmation on them. These shirts are a way for us to raise funds for the children and families we serve. Each shirt design will be a custom designed batch. They are made one time, and will never be made again. This will be an auction for a set number of t-shirts per design. Every time you wear the shirt, you could feel proud in knowing that you made someones day and hopefully our powerful t-shirts make your day also.

Date: Year-round

Location: South Florida

Our mission is to continue to serve children by providing tools for their education and ultimately giving them a chance to be exposed to higher education. Our aim is to end a vicious cycle we see time and time again; this can be accomplished by helping their situation, environment, and family. 44 percent of homeless people work. The lack of transportation makes it difficult to get to work consistently, resulting in job loss. This then causes a strain on their children, potentially impacting their future. Operation transportation is an attempt to help the homeless who have young children with transportation to work and to school by providing bicycles and bus passes to support them.

For more information on any of our events or how to participate; Please enter your information in the capture form below.

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