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Explanation of Sponsorship Benefits

•Name and Logo listed on website: Our website is visited by over 2,000 people monthly, this presents a great opportunity for new exposure for your business.

•Sponsor T-Shirts: These are the same t-shirts our competitors wear to competitions, so if you wanted to come join the family and support your team you’ll fit right in.

•Donor Acknowledgment on Social Media: We have a huge following on social media as we have been in the same location for 10 years. We will promote your company and brand to all of our followers.

•Entry into our business referral list: Every new customer upon signup gets a business referral list where your company will now be listed. We encourage all our customers to do business with those companies who do business with us.

•Naming rights at tournaments: You will be able to rename our team for the number of tournaments designated by your sponsorship level. So, for example, instead of being “Miami WMB” we would be “Your business name jiu-jitsu team”. Every time one of our competitors wins, their name and team gets announced on the mic. This is an opportunity to reach thousands of people. We win a lot, so we guarantee you that your name will be on the mic a lot.

•Recognition in all print and media material: Not only are we in newspapers and social media, but we are also recognized in magazines on an international level as well through the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. We will mention your name in not only all local print and media, but international as well.

•Free Kickboxing classes:  You can use them for yourself, give them as a gift to a child or loved one, gift them as a reward to your top performing representative, or even raffle them off as an incentive to your customers. Use them as you wish!

•Free Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Course: We have one of the top firearms instructors in Miami who will take you through all the laws regarding concealed carry and teach you the fundamentals of shooting and firearms safety. You will then be able to apply for a concealed weapon permit to protect you and your family.

•Plaque/Trophy presented by the competition team: All the grateful members of our team who you’ve helped will now present you, the champion behind the champions, with a plaque/trophy.

•Office Party on day of your choice with live Crepe Maker for entire staff: If you’ve never had crepes made right in front of you, now is your chance! We have access to one of the best crepe makers in Miami and he will come over and do an office party for you and your entire staff on a day of your choice. Whether celebrating Christmas, your anniversary, or simply just a great quarter, its sure to be an amazing experience!

•Coinciding Ad Runs: We spend around $2,000 a month in online advertising and we will piggyback your logo on our ads to increase your advertising efforts and brand recognition.

•Naming rights of one of our major events:  You will be able to rename one of our projects or events. For example at our annual run, it will be “Your business name 5k run”. You or your business name will be on all of the promotional material for the event of your choosing.

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